Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loopy Flower Owl Hat

I was looking at Pinterest yesterday, and I saw the cutest owl hat.  But, there was no pattern.  So, I fooled around until I figured something similar out.

This is my interpretation of the hat I saw.  I did not take this from another pattern.  It is all trial and error.

I hope this makes some kind of sense.


Use any basic hat pattern that you may have.  I used the same one I've used for all my other hat patterns.  This hat is newborn size.


Attach yarn around the stitch where the red arrow indicates.  Chain 8.  Slip stitch around the same stitch where you attached yarn.  Chain 8.  Slip stitch around stitch on next row (yellow arrow).  Chain 8.  Slip stitch around the same stitch again. Chain 8.  Slip stitch and fasten off.  Repeat on the opposite side, but start on the lower row first.  You should have 4 chain loops for each ear.


Chain 2
10 HDC in first chain
Slip Stitch to join

Chain 4, slip stitch in next chain all the way around (10 chain loops)
Fasten off.  Weave in ends.
Sew on to hat.  Sew black buttons in middle of eyes.


Chain 2.
Sc 2 in first chain.  Chain 1 and turn.
Sc 2 in each sc.  Chain 1 and turn.
Sc 2 in first sc.  Sc 1 in next two sc.  Sc 2 in last sc.
Chain 1.  DO NOT TURN.  Sc around entire triangle.
Attach to hat.


Chain 4 and join to make a ring.
Slip stitch into ring and chain 8.  Do this 8 times.
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.
Wrap tail tightly around, hiding ring in middle, with 4 chain loops on each side.
Use needle to secure bow to ear.

Optional trim on bottom of hat:

Attach contrasting yarn at back of hat.  Chain 4, slip stitch to next stitch.  Repeat all the way around.

And, there you have it!  Hope you enjoy your hats!