Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Loving a Lovey

When it comes to new babies and the gifts you give them, I think the greatest thing (outside of diapers) is a blanket...because that's something they can use for a very long time.

I work full-time though, and that makes crocheting a blanket a really tedious ordeal.  Working on that with all of my other orders could mean it takes me a month to finish one.

One day, while giving in to my pattern obsession, I stumbled across a pattern for a lovey...a blankie...a security blanket...a woobie....  There are so many different names for them, but they're cute just the same.  It's a stuffed animal and blanket combined, but at the same time, it's smaller than the standard 3' baby blanket.  I hit the jackpot!

Saturday, I started my first one, and I was done in two days.  Besides, it was exciting watching something so cute and squishy come together.

When I was done, I had an adorable little giraffe.  I so wanted to keep him...and give him a name, but sadly, I'll have to let him go to his new home.

Isn't he CUTE?!

Pattern by BowTykes Designs.  Visit her lovey shop right here.

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